this selloff is RACIST!!

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  1. jus kidding
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  3. if it sells off too deeply, that would be a viable excuse, LOL

    BTW, evil speculators were blamed for oil hitting 140, what about the evil shorts pushing it below 60?

    Funny media.....
  4. Careful, hot selling into tight shorts with trailing covers could be labelled as sexist!

    /end of PC bullshit.
  5. East German women have hairy armpits. :cool:
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    Yes but I've heard they are sturdy.
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    Will shorting now be a hate crime?
  8. Martin Luther King is the true father of America
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    That's an awful lot of kids.
    I thought he was married.
  10. Actually this selloff is ECONOMIST.

    Economy is going to get really bad under Obama.

    Withdrawing troops from Iraq will boost unemployment.
    Rising taxes is bearish too.
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