This says it all......

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  1. This where the GOP is today......

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    You post that like it's a bad thing? To a party that overwhelming supports the removal of God and the sanctity of marriage from their political platform, I can see how the incorporation of values grounded in Church and Family would be obtrusive.
  4. Interesting....
    Where to turn for help, not Government but Church and family. Katrina should have been a good lesson.

    The Black community has the church part down but is in critical condition on the family part.
    The Government has become the substitute for Black fathers who are not taking responsibility for single mothers.
  5. there must be a reason smart people think you are delusional. if you find yourself believing something that smart people have rejected you probably should look inward.

    Religion is created by genius; spread by the wise; believed by the fool.
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    When scientists finally climb the last rung in the ladder of knowledge they will find a theologian there asking what took you so long?

  7. ...and this is why you vote for the GOP? Seriously?
    Look, if you think the other side is made up of nothing but infidels, and I use that word very deliberately, you've got some serious problems.
  8. no they wont.
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    Seeing as how the DNC is the party that supports gay marriage while attacking the institution of traditional family structures, ignores the rights of unborn babies, and the list goes on...... it's hard for me to determine the average social makeup of today's Democrat.

    Despite the disingenuous posturing "yea" vote for the "adding God" back into the DNC platform, where it was obvious that the majority were against the motion.... what am I suppose to think?

    In my day the Democratic Party was the home of Blue Dogs, socially moderate, fiscally conservative, I'm guessing today you'd consider them Republicans in comparison to the present DNC member.

    I don't have to consider anything, yours and what was my party promotes itself as such. Registered Dem here that's voted Red for the last 32+ years
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    You're probably right, unless their eyes are divinely opened they'll never climb high enough.
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