This Republican Economy. republicans are the problem:

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  1. What should be done about the economy? Republicans claim to have the answer: slash spending and cut taxes. What they hope voters won’t notice is that that’s precisely the policy we’ve been following the past couple of years. Never mind the Democrat in the White House; for all practical purposes, this is already the economic policy of Republican dreams.

    What do I mean by saying that this is already a Republican economy? Look first at total government spending — federal, state and local. Adjusted for population growth and inflation, such spending has recently been falling at a rate not seen since the demobilization that followed the Korean War.

    How is that possible? Isn’t Mr. Obama a big spender? Actually, no; there was a brief burst of spending in late 2009 and early 2010 as the stimulus kicked in, but that boost is long behind us. Since then it has been all downhill. Cash-strapped state and local governments have laid off teachers, firefighters and police officers; meanwhile, unemployment benefits have been trailing off even though unemployment remains extremely high.Over all, the picture for America in 2012 bears a stunning resemblance to the great mistake of 1937, when F.D.R. prematurely slashed spending, sending the U.S. economy — which had actually been recovering fairly fast until that point — into the second leg of the Great Depression. In F.D.R.’s case, however, this was an unforced error, since he had a solidly Democratic Congress. In President Obama’s case, much though not all of the responsibility for the policy wrong turn lies with a completely obstructionist Republican majority in the House.
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    What the fuck are you talking about
  3. I saw a show on Animal Planet the other day about how mermaids are real and hiding deep in the ocean.

    Pretty sure the reason being is Bush and the republicans. Probably the same reason we can never find Bigfoot either.

    If only we could tax a few thousand rich guys some more and erect wind mills on our cars, all would be saved!
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    Poo Poo on republicans and or Christians, it's all he's got.
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    To put the article another way, Hayekian Theory is flawed.
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    No, the premise of the article is. The business cycle includes booms and busts. Growth followed by recession. Do you acknowledge that?
  7. At his age, starting arguments on ET is about as much excitement as he gets in life.

    Besides, what the fuck else is there to do in the middle of North Dakota?
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    :D I thought he was in his mid 20's ?