This Really Frosts My Butt!!

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  1. People today default (or try to) on $100K+ student loan obligations.

    Yet when I was in college, I was denied financial aid. Why? Because "I had the GI Bill"... for having served in the Vietnam war.

    What did the the GI Bill amount to? $75/mo... for a maximum of 36 months... and only for so long as I maintained "full-time student" status.... and ONLY until the granting of any degree.

    That's a maximum of $2,700 spread over 4 FRICKIN' YEARS. Unwed mothers get more than that PER MONTH just for having 2 illegitimate kids.

    FWIW... just so some of you know what it was like...
  2. Lucrum


    It should probably be a capital offense.

    Although I never finished, when I was in college I worked one full time and one part time job (at the same time) to support me and pay the tuition.