This Rally is Rigged?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Joab, Nov 6, 2006.

Is this rally rigged ?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I don't care

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  1. Joab


    Before you all start bashing me let's follow the money.

    1. Bush get's elected into office on the backs of Big Oil Companies.

    2. 9/11 happens, in my opinion provoked somehow, people don't just wake up one day and hate other people for no reason.

    3. Bush declares War on Iraq. a key Oil country where any uncertainty will cause sky rocketing prices.

    4. Oil Companies get massively RICH with record earnings and price gauging.

    5. The market's rally in a grind and chop fashion making it nearly impossible to profit for small wallets or main street.

    It has been all manipulated from start to finish in an elaborate ... you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours plan.

    There is my conspiracy theory :cool:

    Answer me honestly has anyone been making any money in the last 3 months?
  2. Are you serious?
  3. I was profitable during the past 3 months.
  4. EPrado


    If we sell off massively after tommorrow,then it will be official. The market is rigged. Tough to argue with that the way things are today....they announce the death sentence for Saddam 2 days before the election.....economic nimbers come out horrible...then are "miraculously" revised.

    I would find it hilarious if we sold off starting wednesday til the end of the year.

    As far as the recent trading...the level of the vix says it all.....
  5. Danulous


  6. Sure, anyone who didn't try to outguess the market.

    Those who made money are still churning along making more today. Those who lost money by trying to outguess are too busy coming up with conspiracy theories to justify their amateurish mistakes.

    It doesn't matter if the rally is rigged or not. A real trader doesn't care. He just makes money from what he sees.
  7. The market has been very good to me in the last 3 months or the all year, for that matter.
    If I can give you an advice, stop asking why, just go with the flow/trend. The why does not matter. The why is too subjective. Only price matters, and prices are moving up.
  8. hels02


    You're kidding? I'm up nearly 100% since the beginning of the year, most of it from the last 3 months.

    You mean someone DIDN"T make money these last 3 months :eek: ?
  9. Joab


    Spare us your lectures just answer the question HONESTLY
  10. Could he be conceivable, dear Joab, that some people are actually making money in this trendy market ?
    #10     Nov 6, 2006