This rally is not to be trusted

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. I have a really bad feeling about this...
  2. Not me. Should sell off a bit this AM though.

    GL anyway :)
  3. just went long 500 GS 135.71
  4. Nah, govment is bailing out wallstreet so you can go long and the government will cover your stop loss.:D

    YOu cant lose going long today.
  5. Can we see a crash today?
  6. This sure makes me glad I lowered risk yesterday and sold most of the financials I still had. Most at nice losses too... :(

    Still got a nice piece of this rally tho.

    Crazzzyyyy market! :confused:
  7. These financials are going nuts. When was the last time you saw all of them went up 15-30% in a day? They are turning into biotech stocks.
  8. I just lost going long on WB.
  9. I agree. They wouldn't have done something like this unless they were preparing for financial armageddon. It's like in the b-horror movies when they put a ten pound chair in front of the door to keep the killer out. It seem desperate.

    Either that or they really are complete and total dumbasses. The crown jewel of the Bush presidency.

    It is a shit sandwich without the bread.
  10. AH, the 80's....

    Wallstreet on cocaine.

    Work your ass off this morning and hang on this afternoon???
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