This Profits/Return Exceeds the Historic Winning Runs

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  1. Baron (elitetrader owner) has received this business offer.

    Somebody said to me "That returns/profits exceeds the historic winning runs of the world's most famous investors Soros, Buffett, Lynch, etc."

    My friend forex manager's performance for past 10 years and 6 months is average +35% per annum without compounded. Not a single losing year for more than 10 years. He manages some $110 million. Also this investment is Tax Free so final profits are high.

    How would you rate this forex performance? Will you invest with this managed forex company?

    Minimum investment is $20,000 and $100,000. We are searching for new investors since we are planning to expand our profit sharing business to $1 Billion+.

    A member said to me "could you just put positivity in your mind and spread good things to the world". So I have posted this thread.
  2. Well this is certainly a change of pace. Is it a mechanical system he trades or discretionary?

    Good luck on the venture
  3. My friend forex manager has developed his own profitable trading system from his 35+ years of Forex experience.
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    how is it tax free? doesn't that depend on the jurisdiction and account type of the investor?
  5. Income/profit is Tax Free for investors for most of the countries. Yes, you will have to confirm this with your law.
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    Just think Bearice if you focused your mind on solutions how great could you influence people with the power of your positive self.
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    Is it tax free for US or EU citizens?

  8. For Switzerland and Liechtenstein investors, it is confirmed Tax-Free investments. This managed forex company is based in Switzerland since 22 years.

    We are not sure about other EU countries. You will have to consult you Tax consultant/advisor.
  9. doesn't add up with those returns min investment should be 5 million or more and would not have to be looking for money it would find him.

    are these returns independently audited and listed in mar, autumn gold or other fund results company? no i would not invest i think it's easily a scam. didn't mention drawdown at all. but if baron invest and loses all his money i will offer to buy et from him to help out.

  10. One of the elitetrader members has invested $100,000 with our Forex managed company and he had a meeting the CEO. This elitetrader member is a trader himself so he must have verified the trading performance perfectly. All the performance results are independently audited.

    USA residents are not allowed to invest because of some USA law for European brokers. So I think autumn gold will not display our company on their website. I agree with you minimum should be $ 5 million but world people/investors are fortunate that minimum is $20,000 and $100,000. Think about it.
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