This place is still a cesspool

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hapaboy, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Thought I'd drop in to see if the neighborhood had changed for the better, but nope, nothing changes here.

    Still Bush haters vs Bush lovers, Obama lovers vs Obama haters, Israel vs the rest of the world, conspiracy theorists on both sides, etc. And in the middle of it all, the crackpot, alcoholic troll with a fetish for young children finds fresh victims on a regular basis and gains sustenance from starting incendiary threads which inevitably deteriorate into flame wars, all the while being protected by a certain moderator.

    Those of you who still respond to the troll expecting a modicum of rationality and/or civility deserve what you get.

    Get a life, people. Ignore its vapid ramblings, or at least respond to it only with contempt and derision. Do not attempt to reason with it as doing so is its life's blood. It feeds on your naivete and goodwill. Deprive it of the pleasure it gets from pushing your buttons and in doing so you will starve the troll of what it needs most to survive - your rapt attention.
  2. And, thanks to your post, it just got a little deeper.
  3. Thank you, troll defender. Perhaps it will let you lick its heels this evening.
  4. Hey Hapaboy,

    Don't play pussy fence sitter...pick a side and fight..
  5. Been there, done that. Absolutely worthless in a cesspool where no one will ever change their opponent's mind. When every thread deteriorates into a flame war thanks to the troll and its acolytes, reasonable discussion is not possible.

    However, I do take comfort knowing myself, RM, traderNik, and a few others have put the troll on tilt umpteen times and exposed its sick nature and hypocrisy for what they are.

    It's very telling that the troll has needed and continues to need the protection of moderators to continue its bait-and-catch methodology.
  6. Just some concerned citizens expressing their views. I don't see what the big problem is.
  7. You're new here, or perhaps you simply already know to ignore the troll. If so, good for you.
  8. Thats not true. It used to be 95% Obama lovers, but now we have worn them down and only about 45% are still Obama lovers, but their love for him isnt at high as it was during the election.
  9. Lucrum


    hapaboy, long time no see.
    The above mostly all true of course.
    We could sure use your common sense around here, if only you could stomach the smell.
  10. wjk


    The goal isn't to change your opponent's mind; it is to convince the undecided lurker. It does, however, take great effort to argue with the completely brainwashed, self proclaimed intellectuals that hang out here. I'm talking about the mindless left-wingers that mistakenly think all who don't subscribe to extreme left wing ideology are toothless rednecks, racists, etc.
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