This piece of white trash

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  1. You'll read about this worthless piece of shit today killing a family in AZ., before he took his own worthless life. Stories will identify him as a former Marine. Let it be known that this piece of human garbage was no Marine for long. He received a Bad Conduct Discharge and was thrown out on his worthless ass. Hopefully there is a hell for this turd to rot in.
  2. "In January of 2012, he even announced his candidacy to run as a Democratic Candidate for Pinal County Sheriff."
  3. The stormfronters, neo nazis ,"88"'s etc on this site will have no interest in this thread
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    I'm not surprised.
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    She's not white, though.
  7. why he wouldn't just join the Hell's Angels? If I was a Hell's Angel[they aren't accepting applications from skinny nerds for some reason] I'd want that guy in my chapter, maybe if i was a Marine too..

    I took a lot of shit from Mexicans in Southern California, those bitches want whitey intimidated and out of the area... walk into a restaurant full of Mexicans, every one of them giving you a dirty look, try to get served in a Denny's if the waitresses are all Mexicans and you wind up leaving.. so why whites should be extending all this love towards Mexicans is way beyond me...
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    She used to be. I can only imagine the vicious anti-white discrimination she must have endured when she was younger that made her want to become a black person.
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