This picture has driven me nuts

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  1. Have you guys seen this? It has driven me mad to just find one. I think there is none, just a mindfuck of an ad.

    Can anyone find even one?

    There are 8 Navy Seals in this picture. Can you find them?

  2. A pirate walks into a bar with a peg leg, a parrot on his shoulder, and a steering wheel on his pants. The bartender says, "hey, you''ve got a steering wheel on your pants."
    The pirate says, "Arrrr, I know. It''s driving me

    nuts." :D
  3. "ok Seals, get ready. Now go underwater and hold your breath for one minute while we take this promotional picture, ok?"
  4. I can see one of their faces right above the word "Pictured"
  5. the photo is crap quality who they trying to kids

    i can see the photog saying.. squat down there a bit more.. you on left pull that branch over a bit more ... ya that's good.. who the freak do they think they are KIDDING

    it's STAGED you IDIOT ! hope you didn't sign up :D
  6. put that on your corporate resume.. i can HIDE real good :D
  7. No shit? It's staged? Wow, who'ed a thunk!

    I think the lack of meat (other than the meat you take in your ass) is getting to your head. It's a puzzle dude, try to find the guys.
  8. "This picture has driven me nuts"

    also probably air-brushed so why are your little nuts in a bind? :D

    your nuts are air-brushed
  9. seadog


    Good one.
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