This one time i was trading options

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    So I brought this chick home from the bar and I think she was a married put but what the hell. Anyway her naked call was so in the money, she turned my short put into one hell of a long call. It started out pretty vanilla until she showed me the strap she brought. She wanted my long condor to be covered but I was like naw. So 5 seconds later were doing a reverse iron butterfly while I employ my bullish strangle strategy with the dog collar I had, and she straddled me with her bull put spread. She flips around and we do a synthetic straddle with a bullish strap strategy. The volatility becomes too great and my call expires all over her put. And that’s how I learned to trade options successfully.
  2. Was her name Vega?
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    just so we are all clear on this

    she pulled out a strap or a strap-on?

    another gem of a thread on ET
  4. Did you strip before you put the strap on?

    I once got long during backwardation, hurt like a bitch the next day. She was happy though, because I had enough margin to keep it in.
    We settled it in cash afterward, because she was fed up with taking physical delivery.
  5. hahahaha...
  6. Anybody ever try exotic options for that extra oomph?

    Or are the spreads to wide? :D
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    I like fucking *shrug*
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    Foolishly you failed to use birth control and now you have a pregnant butterfly.