This Obama stuff is getting weird

Discussion in 'Politics' started by W4rl0ck, Jul 27, 2008.

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    The family seem like ok folks so far... the speech to the Germans about how Obama was going to bring all the religions together and cure AIDS... that did it for me, heard enuff, he's a race hustler attorney with a superman complex or something.... and about 180 days of attendance in the Senate if what I hear is good info, the guy has less than a year experience in government at the federal level......... I'm laughing at the democrats that they don't have a real candidate...... they never do actually, it's always some semi-loser crook with no fundamentals......
  4. May I remind you that he is going to heal the planet, stop the seas from rising (actually I believe they stopped the day he clinched the nomination), bring us together and a couple of other things I forgot but they were important.

    By contrast John McCain has not promised to do any of these things.

    So do you want the planet healed or not?
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    I heard Obama was going to "change" lead into gold, "change" poor folks into rich folks, "change" rich folks into poor folks, "change" the federal deficit into a surplus (overnight no less), "change" the current tax rates to much higher tax rates, "change" the stars and stripes to a white flag, "change" The White House into a mosque, ex-"change" the Holy Bible for the Qur'an, "change" history and last but not least. Finally, he's going to change is underwear.

    Barack Hussein Obama, it's all about the "Change"!