This new IPO is about to Move

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  1. Luckin Coffee Inc = aka Chinese Starbucks

    not bad volume

  2. Overnight


    I love the fakemakers. Short 'em.

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  3. maxinger


    Now remove that blue line which is slopping gently.
    Then focus on what happened in Mid Aug ;
    Price gapped down with huge volume.

    also study the volume histogram.
    ask yourself why those red bars are very long, and green bars are extra short.
    the red bar volume is not bad actually.

    Then re analyse again.

    This new IPO has already moved significantly in May
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  4. darn it!

  5. .sigma


    I find it very hard to trade newly issued stock. With barely any data its hard to make a decision and speculate.

    But looking at $LK it looks like this might be a pretty liquid cheap underlying over the next year, will keep an eye on it once it has at least 52 weeks of data.
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  7. This stock has a high Short Float 48.99% per Finviz

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  8. maxinger


    strange ....
    you posted this news on 10 Sept 19.
    on 10 Sept 19, how did you manage to display chart till Dec 2019?
    Also you plotted one blue line on 10 Sept 19 (see my posting # 3).
    I see that the blue line is gone.
    Luckily my posting # 3 was not manipulated.

    You must be some IT expert.

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  9. vanzandt


    Haha... I had the same question a few years back on another stock with another poster.

    If you use FINVIZ's charts, and you insert the link when you post them here... they are dynamic charts, ie they update real-time, even in an ET thread.
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  10. yes, kudos to the webmaster of elitetrader website!

    probably, Cramer bought back some his short shares today.
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