This New Bull Market Is No Clunker

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    Kudlow the permabull continues his rant on the NEW BULL MARKET!!!!!!!!!!

    Now remember he was yelling the same garbage back in 2007 as the market was making new highs all the way throughout 2008 when the market starting sinking.

    He writes this in his blog "We’ve waited a long while for good news. "

    A LONG TIME?? This is the worst credit crisis in history and everything is back to normal in only 6 months. This is the quickest credit crisis recovery ever.

    This New Bull Market Is No Clunker
    The new bull market continues to rally today, with stocks surging across-the-board.

    The Dow is up over 100 points at this writing, moving toward 9,300. The NASDAQ has pushed through the 2,000 level and the broad-based S&P 500 has run past the 1,000 mark with a 1.5 percent gain. This powerful summer rally adds to the early March rally, and it provides powerful new proof that we are in a genuine new bull market.

    My thesis remains that free-market capitalism is more resilient and flexible than its detractors think. What’s more, the business sector has undergone tremendous cost corrections in the aftermath of the financial meltdown. This is where the new economic strength is coming from as the economy pushes ahead from recession to recovery in the third quarter. Market forces are pushing back against Obamanomics and the long-term spending-borrowing-taxing-and-regulating threats to our long-run prosperity.

    This is predominantly a cyclical move in stocks and the economy. Today’s ISM manufacturing report tells the story. The overall index moved up to 48.9 in July from 44.8 in June, a much bigger-than-expected jump that signals 3 percent economic growth. (The first-quarter average for the ISM was only 35.9.) Inside the index, new orders have surged to over 55 while production has jumped to nearly 58. Order backlogs hit 50. Rising orders are a key leading indicator of better businesses, and that means stronger consumers.

    Incidentally, banks are surging today in the market, another indicator of the recovery power of a zero short rate and a steep, upward-sloping Treasury curve.

    Carmakers, meanwhile, are reporting better sales on the shoulders of the silly cash-for-clunkers program. The Wall Street Journal correctly calls it “crackpot economics.” Not surprisingly, numerous automakers appeared on CNBC today to tout the greatness of the clunker program. I asked the sales head of Ford if the company was really going to ramp up production in response to this temporary government giveaway. He wouldn’t answer. But he and his colleagues are all touting the program. You have to love it, the stupidity of it all.

    Of course, clunker sales today will borrow from next year’s expected sales. But no one is thinking in those terms, and the Senate will surely put another couple billion of dollars into the program.

    On the other hand, the new bull market is not a clunker. Nor is the gradual move towards business health. We’ll see if there’s any improvement when we get the jobs report on Friday. Optimistic as I am in the short-run, I acknowledge that declining jobs, hours worked, flat wages, and rising unemployment make up the Achilles’ heel of my bull-market thesis. Let’s wait and see.

    Right now Wall Street is celebrating. We’ve waited a long while for good news. I like good news.
  2. He's not an economist, he's a cable news pundit much like Bill O'reilly but from a financial prespective. Even calling it a financial perspective is ludicrous because he has Ann Coulter on when he gets his ass handed to him from the likes of Robert Reich and Jared Bernstein. And hows this mental recession Phil Gramm proclaimed? And his pick of Sarah Palin before McCain picked her as a running mate? lol. Christ, Kudlow is far worse than Cramer with the sheer amount of bullshit on his show.

    Easiest way to shut him up is tell him that on an annualized basis, more jobs were created under Jimmy Carter than Ronald Reagan.
  3. The last time Kudlow was this bullish was in August of 2007.

    Before that, it was in 1999.

    'Nuff said.
  4. As well as ex-crackhead.
  5. Despite who wrote it, you can't ignore the good news he speaks about.
  6. Why anyone would bother reading from people who don't have any skin in the game is beyond reason. Those who manage money don't last too long if they were as wrong as Kudlow or any of his guests, ie Luskin.