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    I failed to teach average ETer things that matter

    we can argue over if failure is mine or theirs

    so I will attempt to teach the execs of ET the truth

    1. 9/11 is an inside job

    2. 100% return every 2-3 months can be safe and consistent

    3. extra terrestrial beings visited earth long ago and continue to do so

    4. human beings are spirits in physical body, reincarnation is real

    if you guys are interested let me know
    I have lot more to teach you :)

    This thread is not a joke
  2. The driver shot JFK.
  3. There is a Bigfoot.
  4. Queen Elizabeth was a man.
  5. The P & R forum is an excellent venue for meaningful discourse.
  6. Woodie can trade

    The Ever Vigilent VIPER
  7. This is not surprising.

    Consider Rigel, a star approx. 775 light years away. It takes light (traveling at approx. 186,000 miles per second), 775 years to get from Rigel to Earth. There's no way aliens could get from there to here in a reasonable amount of time, right?

    Well, not so fast...

    An alien star ship accelerates continuously at 1G (9.8 meters/second squared) from Rigel to the midpoint between us and them, then the ship turns its thrusters to face the earth. The alien ship then decelerates continuosly from the midpoint to the Earth.

    Due to "Time Dilation" and "Length contraction" predicted by Einstein (and since, proven), only 13 years would pass onboard the alien spaceship, while 777 years would pass on earth. (The faster your speed, the slower time ticks for you, relative to a stationary object).

    So, a hypothetical advanced alien civilization that is 4,555,000,000,000,000 miles away, is really only 13 years away.
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    aaaaaaaa oookkkaaayyyyyy

    I think they just open wormholes

    13 years is too slow