This Month has been unbelievable

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Flashboy, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Have any of you ever had a period where everything you do comes out on the positive end.

    I had my worst week ever the week ending 6/27/2003. I mean horrible..

    Since the 1st of July everything I have done has come out on the positive end. I made back the money I lost in that week and then some.

    Today I ended the day down approximately $125.00.. At the close I had a long position (Emini) on with a sell limit order at 1001.25 which never got filled. Price hit it a few times but I guess I was further down in the queue..

    I was going to try and get out when Globex reopened.. well I just went to my screen and the market is now trading at 1005.75.. the order I had in to sell at 1001.25 becomes void once the market closes and its not filled ( I did not know this).. So I got out at 1005.50.

    So turns out now I'm up close to $100...

    Not to mention yesterday I was short when the Emini crashed and bought back at a good price..

    Now what I need to do is slow down.. regroup and make sure I don't become cocky.. because when I do I get my ass handed to me... Good bit of these profits came from luck..

  2. Don't be "Fooled by Randomness.":cool:
  3. Great book!!
  4. Foz


    Print out your post, Flashboy. Someday you'll be a 50-lot trader and you'll come across your post and think back to your early days and the joy you found in that little $225 profit.
  5. I get excited just realizing I have enough money leftover after all the bills are paid to eat out at a nice restaurant like Taco Bell.