This mkt is the most inconsisten thing I"ve ever seen.

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by sputdr, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Absolutely mind boggling.

    One minute the spoos focus on the dow, the next the dax and the next the nasdaq, if you are scalping it's absurd.

    This mkt has turned to shit for me and at year end I"m calling it quits.

    Trade has turned into how can I fuck the maximum people possible.
  2. How long have you been trading for?
  3. 6 years.

    Mentally I can't do it anymore. I hate the way this mkt trades and it's time for me to take my money and run before I give it back.

    I'm too bitter towards the events of the last couple of years and I'd rather get a regular job than pay the merc a nickle more than i have to.
  4. I think scalpingis anultimately negative edge proposition i.e. no win trading strategy.

    I maybe wrong and as a position trader, I admit I'm biased.

  5. Scalping is a losers game now.

    You have these prop shop guys that take 200 on the bid and then immediatly sell them or puke them so you get a lot of garbage.

    You can only trade the big picture now and I'm too jaded to continue in this game.

    It's been good but it's time to go.
  6. sputdr,

    you need to join tradersinternational. According to their thread on here, they're making money hand over fist!:D

  7. big time agree... my worst year by far.. made barely over b/e here..


    Cant figure this action out.. it seems to me like 99% computer trading

    during the day you get 4 hours of sideways moves followed by a program trade and you have to gamble on the direction the program will be..

    hope it gets better..
  8. I'm not leaving because i have failed i'm leaving because I dont' like it anymore.

    I've already gotten several PM's reccomending sites and books and other winning methods.
  9. quote from EqtTrd

    big time agree... my worst year by far.. made barely over b/e here..

    Er... I thought from some of your previous posts you were long the futures for $$$$ no lose etc etc?

    now you say b/e??

  10. Is that a surprise ? ....
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