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  1. hi i have noticed loads of posts on precious metals today due to records. i have just had an email from my silver merchant who does not have stock at the moment. he said there is none to sell and as soon as he gets it there is a buyer.

    he has also stopped selling new silver from the mint. i don't know why but i suspect they are restricting sales or the price margin. either way it is a sign the market is about to rocket.

    just thought i would share it is of any use.
  2. hasn't the market already "rocketed" ?
  3. further.
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    If they were smart, they'd be buying ammunition. Not silver. Silver corrodes over time anyway, unlike gold.
  5. a lot of people will not be able to buy ammo because it is illegal for them. silver does not corrode it tarnishes which enables it to last longer rather than it disappearing. just untarnish it and it is brand new think about all of those roman silver coins.
  6. yeah, I use Tarn-x when i buy peoples old silver coins/bars. Sometimes you get a coin that is almost black and a little tarn-x makes the coin look like its fresh out of the mint!

    I do recommend using gloves when using tarn-x though. It really burns your skin if you are cleaning alot of coins.