This Might be a Big Story?

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  1. Holy Crap!!!

    Thanks for the link.

    Tampa has had a real problem in the past with Asian gangs. I can imagine this could be a source.
  2. I'm actually very surprised that the stock associated with this news isn't experiencing any negative effects! I guess it is possibly one or more of the following:

    a. no one has put 2+2 together
    b. everybody is asleep at the switch
    c. everybody is on vacation
    d. everybody already knows that the company has no liability and is not the least bit at fault

    I don't know enough to know what the situation is but it will be interesting to see what happens as this story plays out.
  3. I believe A through C.
    I'm going to keep my eyes on it.
    Again, thanks.
  4. wolfab82


    The Hood Tarp Program! (Imagine H. Paulson et al with a doo-rag!)

    All seriousness aside, this should DEFINITELY be a Boondocks episode!

    Thugnificient could be the brains of the operation, until Huey thwarts his plans!

    and now for Trading relevance, umm, is Lifelock publicly traded?

    Will any claims be filed against Visa/MasterCard for the debit card part of the fraud?

    Perhaps we should pass laws that make it illegal for companies, surveys, employers etc to ask for SSN. Also, perhaps we should be provided with a SSN AND another ID number based off of complex algos that should NOT be shared with ANYBODY!

    Something tells me there is more intelligence involved than a bunch of idiots who would ruin a Buick with ghetto rims, park all the cars together in the same house, would not proxify their IP addresses, and lastly, WOULD NOT MOVE OUT OF THE GHETTO after scoring 1Billion in local fraud funds.

    Talk about stimulating a local economy! The sad/funny part is that Cop said local crime was down and that crackheads were no longer visible...HAHAHA.

    Whodda thunkit? People with money see no need to commit violent crimes. This case will be a great comeup for the Tampa Secret Service, FBI and IRS. The younguns in those offices must be either dreading all the paperwork to come or looking at the opportunity for a raise in title and salary after uncovering the root of this fraud.

    Thanks for the link!


    Why the hell would you make a rap song about your fraudulent activity?
    Imagine Bernie on the 1s and 2s rapping about "Mosuckas mailing me funds, not knowing, Mosuckas know im gonna run, FUNDS FLOWIN!"

    that is all. Happy LABOR DAY!