This may help California budget crisis

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hippie, May 29, 2010.

  1. Wouldn't the state's legalization of marijuana be overruled by the Federal laws on marijuana? You know, with the supremacy clause and all. They're going to use that to smack down Arizona's immigration bill, I see no difference here.
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    Yes, I'm sure making California even more attractive to deadbeats will only help their fiscal
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    Its a narcotic. People will steal to be able to buy it. Wait and see.

    Otoh, everybody and their brother already smokes it in california. I suppose they might as well tax and regulate it for purity etc. The kids already have access at their schools, trust me.

    Pot definitely impairs driving. People will die. There will likely be some kind of testing just like for DUI. Inevitable.

    Anyone involved in transportation, law enforcement etc will still be forbidden to partake and will be tested. Heavy machine operators too.

    The mexican economy is going to fail, flat out. We are going to have a failed-state to our south with millions of refuges. Many will be put to work on California pot farms lol. :D
  5. No more narcotic than tobacco or alcohol !

    When it is legal to grow the weed for recreational use, there won't be any need to steal it - it will cost no more than Tobacco or you can grow your own in pots even if you have no land.
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    I dont think it will be legal very long if it passes.

    Some things that keeps a lid on drug culture are lack of availability and expense. This law will do away with both of those curtails on drug usage. You will have people smoking and drinking until they are total trainwrecks, all legally. You will have people high, drunk or both driving.

    In addition, it will be impossible to definitely determine if a person is under the influence of marijuana while driving. There is no Breathalyzer for marijuana.

    I'm all for personal freedom. I just think the activists should've stopped and declared victory with the passage of prop 420. That said, intrade has the odds of passage at 50/50.