this market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chasinfla, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. this market is trading like a Turkish Bazaar with everyone on acid.
  2. Husky02


    very frustrating:mad:
  3. Dustin


    Agreed, this has been my toughest week of 2003.
  4. I trade the's been one of the most profitable weeks of 2003...and there's still one more trading day remaining.

    I don't make this comment just for myself...I see and hear (personal trading pals) that it's a great week for them also.

    Some very very nice trends this week...Up and capture points and not ticks.

    Very good follow-through also which wasn't the norm the prior weeks.

  5. Dustin


    I don't use any directional/trend follow systems right now...I can see how many would make money today.
  6. acrary


    Time to practice tough thinking.

    When nothings going right:

    Hang in there, baby. Keep fighting. Things will turn my way. Come on - I can do this!!!

    When fear has you by the throat and your drawdown feels like you're being sucked under:

    I love it!

    When faced with one frustrating trade after another:

    Bring 'em on - all of 'em. If anyone needs practice at discipline. It's me!!

    When you feel burned out, negative, and weak:

    Today will be a great challenge for me. I've got to be super-tough today to make it. If I can do it here and now, I can do it anywhere. I'm going to hang in there no matter what! No excuses!

    When you feel like giving up:

    I never surrender! Not me. Not ever. I will fight until it's over, and it ain't over until it's over!

    We can't always win, but we can always be prepared for whatever happens.

    Eventually this trading slop will change. Just try to keep losses small or take a break until it does.
  7. balda


    And this is my first week trading ES
  8. dbphoenix


    I agree. It's highly unusual to reach the day's target three days running, or at least has been.

  9. the nyse is almost a mirage lately. it's a very poor excuse for a market. most of the time it is simply untradeable in the short term. pregnant with opportunity when it wakes up again, though -- imho.
  10. Momento


    I found it extremely hard to trade lately...
    Levels are tough to hold.
    Momentum are ... ... :confused: actually: What momentum...

    It's been hard .. very hard.
    Don't believe i can even cover my overhead this month.

    For all the guys out there still making consistant money, i really like to know how you are doing it these days?

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