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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Daal, Nov 30, 2005.

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  2. 15% p.a???? Ah... not very attractive!:p
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    every dog has his day.

    i should know - ive pissed up against some lamp posts in my time

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    not in the last five years
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    sorry folks - did you miss the description at the top -

    The investment objective of this program is to generate consistent and relatively low-risk capital appreciation with minimal monthly return variance

    look at these drawdowns - max drawdown is 2% (barely, more like 1% most of the time) - some people/organizations lose a lot more on one trade - i think the results are remarkable in context of this risk profile.

    presumably the recent lower results are due to the lower volatility - but this is no cause for faulting the strategy or the manager.
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    p.s. is this the person who had a quote monitor in his apartment's bathroom? always liked that image from the Wizards. :)
  7. The reason these types of funds can work is because the fund of funds community loves them.

    They love low volatility, non-correlated asset classes, almost regardless of the return.

    The idea being that the very wealth that invest with the fund of funds have already made their money and just want to have a low risk, non-correlated asset in the portfolio.

  8. I think he is doing a fine job, provided he is managing more than 100 mm.
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