This market will only go higher

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  1. every dip is to be bought just like in 2003-2007
    for the past three days we've seen huge EOD rallies and this trend will continue. Huge funds run by smart people are loading up on FXI EWZ, energy, multinational, globalist ,and tech stocks.
    This market can't be stopped. We're still above october 10th close. and dow now 1000 points off lows. A new bull market began last Friday. no one makes money shorting. the new era isn;t over. the age of prosperity, consumerism, smpendism, consumerism, deficits, isn't over. we need to spend more and save less.
  2. yes, but what happened to the age of smartism?
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  4. almost 8000 posts and not one has been correct...
    Is that a record?
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  6. Problem is, even if the SPX goes back to 1500 you will still be underwater with your 'old leaders/momentum' names. GOOG, RIMM, MOS, etc. All this junk got trashed 60, 70 or 80% and likely won't see new highs for a very very very long time... if ever.

    Old leaders won't be new leaders. We will have to see what sectors will be emerging over the next 12-18 months - if any! Right now there are ZERO sound bases in just about any sector to start a new bull market from. This will take time.
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    Look what happend to yesterday's huge EOD 'rally'. It sold off in seconds minutes before the close. Nobody had the conviction to hold their stocks into the next open, because everybody thought it would gab lower apparently.
    Todays EOD rally didn't sell off like yesterdays, but well see what happens tomorrow. We have had 3 up days in a row, we are due for a big down day. Futures are already pointing lower.
  8. I highly doubt crappy sectors will lead the market higher. In the long run sectors with the best fundamentals outperform.
  9. ya, can ONLY go higher LOL :D

    after it goes lower



    don't ya love 'can only's"