This market is very strong

Discussion in 'Trading' started by drukes1234, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Today's late day action was in many ways amazing. I think putting some money to work in the markets right here with a stop around the low's of this week would really make some sense--just my opinion.
  2. gerraf32


    All indicators I follow are going south on the market, and what happened Thursday and even if it goes up Friday, is just a blip up compared to what is coming. But at least that my system indicators, and good luck to everyone
  3. Care to share some of your indicators or analysis?
  4. lsayre


    I shudder to think of what will happen to the markets in general when the reality of the rapidly rising energy prices starts to show up on the corporate bottom lines. Massive layoffs, market crash, etc.... ???

  5. That is being off set with tax breaks for corporations.
  6. probably the only thing -- the main thing, at least -- keeping this market in check is the price of oil. lots of money out there looking for a decent return...and it's NOT getting it writing mortgages. capital is begging for opportunity right now. imho.