This market is unstoppable

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  1. 14,000 soon

    buy all the dips
  2. ok i trust you..going all in now...thanks
  3. When I saw this thread I *knew* it was YOU who initiated it.

    You lost all your capital on the way down. Why are you still here?

    I like your bullish bias because I truthfully don't want S&P near 600; it's bad for people & the economy, though I enjoy selling EMinis near resistance.

    This a bear market rally. It should peter out either at 835, 850 or 875.

    Good luck with your bullish bets. :p
  4. You really need to stop. I don't get agitated easily but hearing you cheer lead like a little girl is starting loose its entertainment value. What fundamental basis do you have to suggest the market will move another 50% from here soon?

    We were at 14000 due to a bubble and yet you expect us to be back there soon. what do you smoke, Man?

    The only value you have is nothing but a spot on inverse indicator. Given your recent prophesy, I'm now sure we will retest the lows soon instead of 14000.

    You don't trade a dime!!
  5. k i will follow ur advis3 exactly but you forgot to post your equations this tim3.

    plz post math quations.
  6. Well, I for one, will be attending his seminar next month that he is charging $5000 for. You just don't get insight and analysis like this anywhere. stock_trad3r is the whole reason I even bother to visit ET.
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    Ticker RUW+EG 420.0 <INDEX>
    Name Call on RUY
    Price 33.56
    Contract Unit 100
    Market Value $ 3,356.25
    First Trade Fri Feb 20, 2009
    Last Trade Thu May 14, 2009
    Expiration Sat May 16, 2009
    Exercise Type EUROPEAN

    I am long at an average price of 27.

    What about you? Put your money where your mouth is.
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    I like the 420 strike :cool:
  10. But don't listen to them
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