This Market Is Rigged To The Upside

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  1. This is as close to a risk free market as you can get. There is very little chance of the market making any sort of serious correction before November.

    All economic data IMO will only get better as we near the election. The up comming earnings thanks to FASB will look just great, again its all part of the re election program the Dems have in place.

    Shorting has almost been removed from the equation. Yes people this is free money.

    Bought 5 ES june contracts, I have no worries at all.
  2. Market risk must be subsidized by 0% interest rates, bail-outs, other forms of stimulus.

    Risk is dirt cheap, take a look at index options. They have the 2nd coming of Ben Bernanke priced into them it seems.
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  4. Easy money
  5. Limit order to sell one.
  6. Remember the economic data will get better, if it comes in a little weaker, well thats good to because it just means the Fed will hold rates low wink wink!

    It's all rigged people, seen this more than once.
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    who was that guy that was always like $$ risk free $$ free money $$ you sound like him!
  8. U.S. ISM rises to 6-year high. I don't mean to bore anyone, this is just a log of events.

    Maybe when the next election cycle rolls around maybe someone can benifit from this.

    Trust me it is rigged to the upside and all the data going forward will be "better than expected"
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  10. Rigged or not at least you are attempting to go with it instead of being one of the pissed off shorts that complains about it all the time on this board.
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