This market is not only a casino but a conspiracy!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qdz, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. qdz


    Thanks. Good luck to you today and always. Enjoy your trades and be happy in your work.

    I am taking off today, as I said earlier.


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  2. From bitching or trading?
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  3. Trading ...
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  4. If he can keep this thread up, he will be an Elite Member in no time.
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    I cannot help commenting on this. Tech, do you know by using the word 'bitching' you are insulting all the people take their time to post their thoughts, experience, and etc. on this board? More important it is insulting people who are telling the truth.

    IMO, you should go home and b*tch yourself.


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  6. qdz -

    You continually post negative, conspiracy-theory posts against brokers, the markets in general and everything else trading-related. You seem like a perpetual dark cloud cover. If this occupation is so distasteful to you maybe it's not your calling.
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  7. sssshhussshhh dont let him know what were up to
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  8. acrary


    Remember, just because you think they're out to get you, doesn't mean there're not.

    If the NYSE is being manipulated it's safe to say they'd have to be using program trading strategies (currently averaging 30%+ of daily trading volume). Since 60% of progam trading is now agency trading, the main manipulator is probably The Prediction Company (with all their fancy analytics...)

    I know the Japanese banks liked to do dividend arbitrage... very sneaky of them.

    Well, if the markets are being manipulated, then this is the tool there're using. It's pretty much standard on all the major trading desks.
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    Don't like me to be an elite trader? I want to be an insider, okay!


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    You are far from being an insider to know what is going on.


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