This Market Is Like Bod Dole's Wang

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ByLoSellHi, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Weak, flaccid and impotent (only known by me since he publicly talked about his need for Viagra, publicly, in paid commercials).

    All the recent numbers look like total rubbish, including today's ISM Survey.

    If employment numbers take a hit, I'm only sticking with energy and a precious few (pun intended) commodities.

    Where is the Cialis when this market needs it, and what will the Cialis be?

    The mood isn't right.

  2. blast19


    It's being held together somehow. Perhaps Dole ties a stick to his member to keep it from crawling up inside him as well...the markets appear to be pulling a Titanic and doing the slow shrivel. :p
  3. I spoke to Senator Dole last week in DFW airport and he looks quite hale and hearty.
  4. blast19


    Did you give him a physical?
  5. Cruzan


    Well of course there's obviously Dow support at 12,000 so for anything to happen that will have to break early on.
  6. Images of bob dole's dick in my mind isn't how I wanted to start off my week, but whatever. :p