This market, even a Caveman could do it!

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  1. Oh I don't know, maybe because knowledge and expertise are gained through age?
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  2. Not necessarily. Jesse livermore and soros made most of their fortunes when they were younger.

    Mathematicians generally perform their peak research in their 20's and 30's.
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  3. Livermore (RIP) also blew up (no pun intended) several times when he younger. Perhaps it was his lack of experience that led to this. Though more than likely it was his propensity to gamble.

    Soros doesn't make as much money now as he did in his youth due to the fact that he spends much of his current time on philanthropic causes.

    As far as mathematicians go I cannot comment on that as I can think of nothing so drab as to analyze math.
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  4. makloda i dont see how you can overlook this, all the u.s. market has done since 2003 is ATTEMPT to make up for the fact that the u.s. consumer is losing money in the rest of the world, what most people dont realize is that the current market is no further ahead in terms of inflation adjusted dollars then it was in 2003. In fact id even go as far as to say that anyone invested in the u.s. market since 03 actually lost money. I imagine youd have a tough time finding 1 foreign currency which has lost ground vs the u.s. dollar.

    can you tell me something, what hapens if the USD/CAD inverts, im not even gonna chuck a dart at that one, but it is complete disaster. Lets picture an even worse scenario what would happen if the USD inverted on the chinese dollar? That would mean total chaos, as "MONEY" th way we know it would cease to exist.
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  5. whats the matter makloda, no response when an intelligent question comes up?

    market up 100% up room to go
    no such thing as down!!!!!!!

    rah rah rah
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  6. You're like a one-line spewing machine of stupid...nothing you say is ever sensible or thought out....the cheeseburger jokes clearly have a place in your life because you offer no other thought than of a mentally challenged kid. :D
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  7. Like I said...he says nothing and then claims to have made a point. He "makes" a point which has no point due to the devaluation in the dollar and then he cowers away from it. He's clearly a waste of breath, his lameness has been exposed. :)
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  8. wait a minute...... now you are just being biased....... 100% up room to go!!!!! that is a valid point isnt it?

    all kidding aside you made a good point man, i figure makloda is done with this thread.
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  9. The funny thing is that he's the type of person who wouldn't give a shit if inflation was 30% because by-golly, he'd still be making 30% which is good(right?)! The pumpers on here are too pumpy sometimes...I'm glad they've found a way to make 30%-50% gains from 2003 on a currency devalued by about that same amount, but to me it's rather unimpressive.

    My point was lost on him...the real world doesn't matter to nutjobs like him and stock_turder, they think making gains like 7% in the indices since last years is's sort of sad. :D

    Cheers bro, have a good weekend.
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  10. LOL 7% up in stocks 20% down in the dollar, seems like a good bargain when you are learning "math for people with downsyndrome"

    haha have a good weekend man
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