This market, even a Caveman could do it!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Algorithm, May 18, 2007.

  1. Aok


    Is this a Geico commercial?

    You'll know its a top when CNBC hosts start carrying around clubs.

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  2. I have 20X as much money in Long stocks as I do in short positions. You actually sound paranoid.

    Too bad "the bears" don't care about currency appreciation from 5-7 years ago, that sounds VERY IMPORTANT. What's your point...sounds like you're reduced to stupid talking points now. :D
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  3. You got my point. Why do you keep asking questions when you're not interested in the answers, instead you keep trying to plug how smart you are yourself?
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  4. Thats right go long on sabertoooth tiger fangs and Wooly Mamoth dung and don't forget to check the tar pits that stuff might be worth something someday. (Sarcasm FYI)

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  5. He's quite annoying. If our posts aren't up to his standards why doesn't he create his own forum or leave?
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  6. as a trader i take each day as it comes..we can drop 1,000 points on Monday or go up 1,000 traders,it should make no difference. treat everyday with RESPECT! it can turn on a dime,it always does.
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  7. Cheese


    This market, even a Caveman could do it!
    Irrationality is alive and well .. no surprise there.

    The trend is only as good as the next bend. A big enough bend and any so called trend will come to an end, be it an up or down trend.
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  8. Your point was have to actually point out something or make a point to validly make a point...all you did was bitch about "bears" when you were confronted with the fact that the climbing indices have been shit if you factor in the decline of the dollar's value. Good job stating nothing and trying to avoid looking stupid, you failed at both. :D
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  9. Your posts? Your posts wouldn't get respect from a 10 year old. That's cute though little buddy. You should cash in your chips and ask your mommy to take you to burger king so you can buy a cheeseburger with all of your gains from AAPL and GOOG! :p
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  10. Why do so many people equate age with knowledge and expertise?

    The cheeseburger joke is getting old siepuede. maybe think of a new one.
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