This market, even a Caveman could do it!

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  1. could do it.

    Haven't gotten any good tips from my neighbors yet...... I'm waiting.

    Sure sign to sell then.
  2. Its so easy to make $$$$$$ just buy, take the plunge. It wont matter were right now because were going to Dow 14000 buy the end of June GUARANTEED!
  3. I sense sarcasm

    This isn't a bubble. The markets aren't overvalued at all.

  4. Meanwhile, 45 minutes ago on another thread....

    LOL...just more nonsense from a paper trader who spends all day typing on this website with the same other "free money" mooks.
  5. Maybe what's happening here is, the Dow is keeping up with corporate profit growth in lock-step! So the reason the Dow averages about a .5% increase each day is because that's actually the rate at which the PV of all future cash flows for the Dow 30 is increasing! Yay!

    So to predict the future, just plug that rate into a spreadsheet, and drag it across your screen, since you can easily just take the recent past and extrapolate to get a gaurantee of what the future holds. That's all you need to do to acheive unlimited wealth!
  6. My point exactly. I read "bubble" all over the place and we're up like what 13% annualized from the 2003 lows and like 7% this year so far? That's a decent bull market but by no means a "bubble".

    It's good people think that though. It keeps them waiting for the bubble to burst.. and waiting .. and waiting.. and waiting...
  7. Ha...what do you think the devaluation of the dollar has been since 2003? :D
  8. Funny nobody ever mentioned the APPRECIATION of the USD against EUR/GBP/CAD etc. 2001/2002. When stocks go up the bears bring up the dollar weakness as an excuse.

    When we actually go down the bears don't care about currency appreciation all of a sudden. Then they finally have what they want and don't need excuses anymore.

    Kind of paranoid if you ask me.
  9. If that is so, then why has Fed Ex sucked so bad over the last 3 months or so?
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