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  1. I say good luck to her... if any of you have worked in management consultancy or know people who have you will realise what a tough job it is... you work dam long hours and weekends and are probably on MacDonalds money on an hourly basis...

    The whole point about daytrading is that you make more than the corporate finance geeks and management consultants, doing it in your underwear and working fewer hours (and NO friggin boss to answer to!)... we are the real winners here...
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    Not any McDonalds that I ever heard of.

    Assuming 125k (she turned down a 100k offer), 80 hours/week for 48 weeks, that comes out to just slightly over $32.55/hour.

    But I doubt she'll be working those hours, I'm sure she got hired for her contacts. Dunno if it's right or wrong, but it's certainly the way politics work.:(
  3. Yup you're right... the money is above what you'd get at MacDonalds... but I wouldn't wanna work an 80 hour week for $30 an hour... no way... gimme 30 hours a week, uncapped income and no weekend work anytime!! Trading is one of the few professions where you can work a short week, not have a boss, take vacations whenever you want and make $hundreds to $thousands in any given hour...

    You're also right about her contacts too... her daddy probably knows a few important people...
  4. Some of those pics aint too bad... but its mainly a make-up job... anyways, she got goofy teeth...
  5. I wonder if Chelsea gonna end up in politics?
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    Shhhhhh! Not so loud. :D.
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    No big deal, it happens all the time. Look at George the First's kid. He got $400K, a big house, a private jet, and an army. At least Clinton's kid got decent grades, and can pronounce the "g" at the end of words.

    (And if you want to talk about good looks, take a peek at the two heifers George the Second sired)
  8. what are you all riled up about gekko?

    100k is a bit higher than what most beginning management consultants get, but not absurdly higher. (just think of the contacts the bitch would have!)
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