This looks like a real good deal to me

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  2. thats not as good as the deals 3 or more months ago. they had dell 3000's with 512k ram and 19 inch lcd monitors for $479
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    1) The Dell 3000 machine is not DDR2
    2) The Dell 3000 is not an 800 Mhz FSB machine
    3) The Dell 3000 does not support dual core
    4) The Dell 3000 does not have a PCI-E slot

    All in all, I would say these prices are comparable to that deal at that time, especially this machine

    If they were not throwing in the monitor, it would be still be an above average deal. You can upgrade to digital monitor for $80.

  4. the dell 3000 does not have a pci slot? i'm writing this note on my dell 3000 with 5 monitors hooked to it.i have the original agp card and 2 double pci slots. i've neve rhad one problem in almsot a year. and i have 1024 ram and its worked great. the only thing different i'd do is get an upgraded fan as it's noisey as crap
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    PCI-E, not PCI slot. One is a superset of the other and is a perfect match for AMD Hypertransport processors:

    I use a large fan for my desktop (I have no choice but to use small fans in 1U and 2U cases) builds - one hundred and twenty millimeter with a double ball bearing. It moves the same amount of air mass with less revolutions as the typical smaller fan, ergo less noise. For example:

    But the one I get is $16 and does a good enough job (I can't seem to get a link to it :( )

  6. The Dell 3100 has 1 PCIe slot + 2 PCI. If that's enough for the user, then it will be OK for trading.

    BTW... the new "integrated" video chips are quite good. I've got an Intel model... its display is very sharp and supports dual monitors. Even onboard video can be OK in current models so long as the function is not too restricted.
  7. The last "bargain" Dell I bought did not have an agp slot either so if you have a high end video agp card be forewarned. Still some good deals as long as you know exactly what your getting.
  8. "Dell 3000" has long been the desination of a budget line. Sometimes it had only onboard video... sometimes it had AGP, and believe it even had both at one time. (It was shipped without an AGP card, but the slot was there anyway.)
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    Not all of them, but at least on the Dimension 9150 the video is in a PCI card slot and you can get it to support two monitors for an extra $10. Scroll down to where it says "Dual Monitor Support"

    Turning off the onboard video is not a big deal if the need arises anyway.

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