This lag is making trading difficult

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  1. One of my (option) strategies that I'm manually testing requires entering the market fifteen minutes before close. Around 3 new York time, I start the research task, I open a new what if and start punching stuff in. Fifteen minutes before the close, it just stops working. I close the what if, reopen. Relaunch ib (2fa). Nada. Getting real tired of this. The good thing is that this particular strategy can and will be automated where I will code my own what if tester. How the fuck is IB this bad.
  2. Exactly what "stops working"? TWS, Gateway, your own software?
  3. TWS stops updating option chain as well as payoff for strategy I was creating. Would've been $80/contract profit today.
  4. I see. I have read more often that during "busy times" the prices refresh rate in TWS drops. What you could try is to reduce the number of open tickers on your screen and monitor lists and see whether that improves the situation. The less tickers, the less streaming data TWS needs to support you with.
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  5. I do have a few scanners open. I will try and close or minimize the number while placing trades next time and see if that makes a difference.