this Kimble guy was real

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    Years ago, I posted this guy's website on ET. It was arguably the coolest website ever known to exist. It showed this fat guy living the good life. He had mansions all over the world, super models, 100 exotic sports cars and he was running a hedge fund. He had this super cool trading website. Anyway, I figured it was all bullshit but a cool site none the less. It turns out this guy was real! Wow. I'm speechless. His cool site has been taken down by the feds, but he still has this old site up from his hedge fund.

    Here is the latest on his arrest.

    Here is some back ground info:

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    yeah, this caught my eye as well. Gives new meaning to the phrase big pimpin. I don't know if he reminds me more of the Pillsbury dough boy or the Michelin man
  4. he is fat and ugly.

    good for him that he has money.

    2 thumbs up.......
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    no one beats Tommy Vu

  6. He is now facing a penalty of 20 years in prison and has the unlimited pockets of the federal law enforcement machine opposing him. All of his "stuff" and money traceable to him has been confiscated as well. No doubt the feds are acting at the urging of the people in large corporations in favor of copyright enforcement who want to make a splashy example out of this. But there are other file-sharing companies out there. Why is this one the only one targeted in the indictment? Maybe making a public display of living large wasn't such a good idea. He should have been contributing money to politicians through PACs probably.
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    Now I want to fart and puke simultaneously....
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    I agree. If you're going to make a boatload of $, don't advertise to the feds.

    "Lawmakers stopped anti-piracy legislation on Friday, postponing a critical vote in a victory for Internet companies that staged a mass online protest against the fast-moving bills.

    The movie and music industries want Congress to crack down on Internet piracy and content theft, but major Internet companies like Google and Facebook have complained that current drafts of the legislation would lead to censorship."

    I always wondered when megaupload was going to get shut down. Guess it took a political setback to get the ball rolling. Speaking of super PAC's, there's only one I would give to... Stephen Colbert
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    This guy must be bwolinsky's motivation.
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    US long arm of the law in action...

    -----In what US authorities have called one of the largest criminal copyright cases ever brought, the Justice Department and the FBI shut down and instigated the arrest of Dotcom and three other people in New Zealand. In all, seven people connected with the site were charged with running an international enterprise based on internet piracy.


    100% right

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