This just sold for $2,000,000 in the Bay Area

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  3. That's an ugly house, specially for two million. -- it looks like a large storage shed with a roof. or a mobile manufactured home with the wheels removed and the Wide Load freeway caution sign removed. o_O

    In an average/middle class part of San Diego, California...that same home would probably sell for 500 or 600 or $700,000.
    In an exclusive, higher-end would probably sell for 1.2-1.5 million.
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  4. The price must be driven up (spectacularly so) by the location, because the actual property is very underwhelming.
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    Did they found oil in the garden?
    that the only way that house could cost that much.
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    No surprise!

    SF Bay Area is famous for all kinds of bubbles, e.g., Internet, start-up and housing bubble, etc.
  7. Buyer maybe planning to construct something at this location.
  8. I was wondering about that, because it is such a basic house.
  9. where on earth you can buy a real good house (with a pleasant view in a good community) for $1m these days. my dream to settle in one of those santa monica coast-side houses has long been shattered
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