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    Iraq did not lose, repeat, did not lose the 1991 Persian Gulf War!

    According to Saddam Hussein they decided on their own to leave Kuwait and lost a maximum of 10% of their army. They were actually victorious.

    In other news, 100% of the Iraqi people re-elected him in 2002 as their president.

    Its fascinating to watch Saddam on TV. I'm too young to have witnessed Hitler when he was alive but right here, right now this generation can see a sadistic megalomaniac in action. Catch him on TV before he is taken out because you will have some great stories for the grandkids.
  2. U.S. Accepts Saddam's Latest Proposal
    (2003-02-26) -- The White House and Saddam Hussein have finally found common ground on one issue of the current crisis. The breakthrough came when Mr. Hussein told CBS News reporter Dan Rather that he won't go into exile.

    "We will die here," said the Iraqi president. "We will die in this country and we will maintain our honour."

    The Bush administration immediately accepted the proposal.

    "The president doesn't know who else Saddam's talking about when he says 'we will die here'," said White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, "But as long as that includes Saddam, we're open to the idea. Of course, there are still a lot of details to work out. But now that he has conceded one of our major demands, it's just a matter of timing and methodology, and how much of our assistance might be required."

    Mr. Fleischer said Saddam would have to supply his own "honour".

    "According to our data, he doesn't have any of that in stock," Mr. Fleischer added.

    by Scott Ott

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  3. yes, and poor Sadam is just a victim of yankee imperialist agression. HA!
  4. When he's gone maybe he can be replaced with a 'McSaddam'
  5. "Asked if he was afraid of being killed or captured, Saddam responded: ``Whatever Allah decides.''

    ``There is no value for any life without ... faith,'' he said. ``The believers, while taking caution and care and trying to veer out and avoid any dangers and any traps ... the believer still believes that what God decides is acceptable.''

    sure, he is secular and not religious and would never help islamic terrorists that want to attack his main enemy, the U.S.

  6. i know! that "iraq has a secular government" excuse never held any water anyway... hadn't these people ever listened to those long tv appearance tirades saddam makes from time to time, where he invokes every islamic justification for his stance he can find?
  7. maxpi


    He himself is considered non-religious, he is just trying to rally support from wherever he can get it. He's a real character, I heard a report from his former landlord in Egypt. He had to evict Saddam after only a week or two because of his ferocious political arguments. He cut a guy with a knife at one point.

  8. I think Saddam and Bush should each have his own episode of "the Bachelor."

    I would watch it.

    I don't watch any of this reality TV shit. I think it's like the modern day version of 90210. It blows.

    BUT I would watch one episode with Saddam, and I'd sure as sh!t watch one with Bush.

    The date with Saddam would be a 5 course meal of rare, red meat, followed by Saddam tying up the date and beating the crap out of her, and paying his kid to rape her.

    The date with Bush would probably be tex-mex, a movie, and some drunken grab-ass in a Ford Bronco.