This just in: Obama never to question other's patriotism during campaign!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mvic, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Mvic


    McCain just responded that he too will make a pledge to never question other's blackness during the campaign.

    In related news, Bill Clinton said that if he ever runs for anything again he will never question his opponents marital fidelity during the campaign.

    Another example of just how dumb and gullible Obama (like most politicians) thinks the American people are.
  2. All Republicans lost all credibility by not voting for Ron Paul. Except those who voted for him, of course.

    McCain is the ET equivalent of Jack Hershey: weird.
  3. hughb


    So when are all of you non-sheeple who voted for Ron Paul going to ask him what he did with that record amount of grassroots campaign money?

    P.S. - Is Ron Paul still winning in a landslide in the latest AOL poll?

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  5. McCain's patriotism: in his 20's, he was in the military, fighting for his country.

    Obama's patriotism: in his 20's, he was smoking pot and snorting coke.
  6. Interesting....that's what some of us said about the 2004 election.

  7. Obama is scared to fight a dirty campaign which is another reason why he will lose. Hillary waged a dirty campaign against Obama in the 2nd half of the primary and thats how she finally secured the popular vote, but Obama managed to win the nomination anyway. Obama is defenseless against McCain's tactics because he is a weak candidate that doesn't know how politics work.
  8. You guys are right about the similarities, but the topic is Patriotism.

    Thank God McCain never referred to someone as a "typical black woman", the way BHO referred to his Grandmother as a "typical white woman", the media might not have selected him as the Republican candidate...

    Funny how they crucified Romney for his religion, and BHO gets a pass.

    BHO, the teflon candidate, and the only guy less qualified than the peanut farmer.

    We are SO screwed...
  9. You should probably do a bit of research on Carter. I can't think of another who was more qualified to be President. Of course he had some real tragic circumstances befall him while in office, but in terms of qualified to be President none better (Unlike BO.) He actually did the world a great favor by unfucking some of Nixon's policies.

  10. saxon


    Hillary waged a dirty campaign...and LOST. Case closed.
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