this isnt political but you guys are smart (darwin)

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    I am going to start by saying that I only remember the basics of Darwin's theory of evolution. (something about green peas lol)

    Anyhow my question/point is, does anyone else want to thank Mr. Darwin for stating the obvious?

    People had been breeding animals long before he started his work.

    I am sure that he did some very detailed study and made significant discoveries but damn, natural selection, no shit.

    That had to be one of the worst kept secrets in science.

    I am only posting this because I got some really good feedback to another post and I am interested in your opinions. Please do not take my tone as meaning anything.
  2. Let us say that natural selection is an attribute of the world. It still makes no difference to the truth, in which natural selection is laughable, and the entire world is false. The world is a joke which uses reality as it's straight man. The straight man provides the basis, and the joker turns it around and makes fun of it. This is basically how the entire world is constructed, as a rediculous parody of creation. Ingenious, yes. True, no. Natural selection is a mockery and a travesty upon reality.

  3. "Greens peas" as you so "amusingly" stated were used by Geogr Mendel to establish the basis of genetics ( traits)

    yes and so did Mr Newton,Mr Einstein and so did Mr Feynman, they peeked into the kingdom of God, while you were sitting on your ass asking strangers in a forum to explain to you basics.

    Natural selection makes a perfect sense as en evolutionary mechanism, I will dissent from the liberal crowd from accepting it as a way of "creation". Only God creates, but that's a debate for another day
    The human being was and remains a total mystery. Our ability to think (not you) makes us distinct from all other species.
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    oktiri are you saying that natural selection was not obvious to the world even before Darwin?

    The Spartans knew.
  5. Evidence ?
    A mule ?

    Why did Darwin go the Galapagos and stay there for a few years to observe a species with a short lifespan reproduce many time over in your opinion ???

    Darwin was a very devout man, knowing that his paper might contradict the teaching of the church, he kept in the dark for 20 years....
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    oktiri just to be clear I fully believe in natural selection. I just fail to see how it was such a big deal.

    People have know for eons that the strong survive. That is why the spartans threw ou the weak at birth.

    People have known for eons that traits are passed on from parent to offspring. That is why they intentionally breed horses and dogs and have been doing so for ages upon ages.

    Maybe I am missing something.

    Thanks for the reminder about the peas. I did a lot of in class sleeping back then.

  7. It was a BIG deal because most of the world believed then that God created the species, as they were.
    As much as a big deal as when Galileo and Copernicus claimed the earth is a sphere turning around the Sun and destroyed the Ptolomeic view of the universe.

    Both are true, both do not contradict the existence of God but people felt threatened in their faith and rejected them...