this is why the markets are trading higher...

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    Stocks Up As Investors Expect Flat Rates
    Tuesday March 20, 3:24 pm ET
    By Madlen Read, AP Business Writer
    Stocks Rise in Wary Trading After Housing Data, Ahead of Fed Meeting on Interest Rates

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Wall Street advanced for a second straight session Tuesday as investors placed bets that the Federal Reserve won't indicate that it is leaning toward raising interest rates.

    Market watchers are anticipating that the Fed on Wednesday will leave rates on hold and say that economic growth is cooling while inflation remains a concern. The Fed has maintained this general stance for several months now, suggesting that rates are staying put.
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    placed bets...I think its already 100% clear that the fed isnt moving rates up or down tomorrow.
  3. fukin geniuses of the media once again
  4. blast19


    it's already written as history, no?

    what he decides to comment on besides that could be interesting...his lips might be tight.
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    at least we know that the price is already factored into the market.
  6. No it isn't factored

    in a few months the markets will be at 52 week highs

    most of the Asian indexes have alreayd recovered fomr the Fed. selloff