this is why subprime borrowers shouldn't be bailed out

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  1. LOL - that is true - but why leave out the ones at the top and up the heap who:

    1) are supposed to be worth the big salaries and bonuses they get but sink their companies/shareholders into shit (and don't have to return any of the salary/bonuses they got in prior years while doing it).
    2) are supposed to be educated and informed so as not to do #1 above.
    3) dance away either scott free or with enough money to last a few lifetimes.

    Yes, they are politically connected so that the damage they do is then spread out among the rest of the population by the devaluation of their purchasing power (They think if they try and dilute it by just sprinkling a bit of diarrhea on everyone , no one will notice. And even if they did, whut dey gonna do about it?!)

    But let's focus on the low-life who took (was given?) a loan he (and his lender knew he) couldn't pay back.

    That way those who got the big bucks for the scam can point the finger at the troglodytes at the bottom while they sit at the top and count their money.
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