this is why subprime borrowers shouldn't be bailed out

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  1. all political correctness aside, sub-prime people generally are scumbags. i've dealt with poor-credit folks in one way or other over the years, and they're basically dead-beats who you couldn't trust with $10 let alone $200k.

    it's funny how politicians get on their soapbox and say how we need to protect the subprime borrowers who are in danger of losing their home. cry cry, sob sob. bullshit. you wouldn't want these people as your neighbors.

    i foresee a lot of fraud with people trying to get their loans frozen by making up hardships and other sob-stories. these are the type of people who are likely to commit fraud. i'd bet half of them have outstanding parking tickets, overdue tax bills, or have bounced a check. remember, they lied about their loan. why would you trust them?
  2. I live in Australia and generally try to stay away from the USA if I can help it. The reason is precisely because of your 'Subprime Classes'.

    ..and they've got stupid tattoos and headlice

    Why can't you just put all of them in prison?
  3. Or we could just send these people to your country. For some reason, Australia seems as a very suitable prison colony.

  4. Everyone in the US is so scared. Please dont pull your 400 troops out of Iraq. How will we survive?
  5. LOL


    1/ All of Australia wasn't a prison colony, mainly Sydney. Melbourne where I come from was colonised by free settlers.

    2/ Not all of us, less than 30% wanted to send our troops to Iraq. I agree it was a token gesture by FORMER Prime Minister Howard.

    Most of us would happily settle for you guys sending your subprime populations to Iraq. As well as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al.
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    To make these gross generalizaions, while white collar crime continues to run off the scale, is extraordinarly ignorant, so that lets you know exactly who you are.

    Interestely enough, it's the descendant of the prisoners who comes closest to hitting the nail on the head (if you really don't believe they were mixing and miningling, you're stupid as well as ignorant, Alex) ... it's not the lower level of criminial you folks really have to worry about, it's guys in the suits who are looking to take what you have. :p


  7. If my history lessons are right arent all you aussie decendants of criminal from the UK . Its in your blood dont fight it.
  8. The problem is that the number of "scumbags" are too large. Majority wins.

  9. You could say the same about most operators in the Securities Industry...
    And, especially, subsistence level degenerate wannabes.

    It all comes down to a culture of EXPLOITATION in America nurtured by pop culture...
    As opposed to the WORK ETHIC that was dominant 50 years ago.

    No where is this more in evidence... then here at ET.
  10. Crocodile Dundee is proof!
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