This is why people are stupid when it comes to gas prices

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  1. When gas goes from 1.00 to 1.20 nobody notices or cares.

    When gas goes from 3.25 to 3.90 it must be those crazy oil traders all making trillions of dollars off of us.

    Problem is, they are both a 20% move. It happens in all commodities, even ones that are not traded. Tomatoes, lettuce, onions, etc..

    Wise up morons.
  2. More people can afford the first 20% move as opposed to the second 20% move I suppose.
  3. perhaps, but the main point is volatility has always been the same. nothing has changed, move along, nothing here to see. :cool:
  4. The rhetoric is nowhere near what we heard in 2007-08. It literally dominated every conversation and every news article.

    The bond vigilantes were replaced by the oil vigilantes. $4 per gallon gas becomes a political liability. It's the big fly in the ointment towards neverending monetization.
  5. thats pretty lame. watch who you're pointing at , one fingers at them and three pointing back to you.

    20 cents is 20 cents.

    65 cents is , well, you do the math.

    The % means shit.

    1 cent to 2 cents is 100%. should they get more excited over that than $10 to $18?

    Sorry, to have to lay it out so clearly is painful to me.

  6. a loaf of bread used to cost 5 cents, i don't hear any idiots complaining when they pay 3.85.

    i just bought a loaf yesterday, good news though, shit was buy 1 get 1 free! yeah!

    commodities are not dvd players or cabbage patch dolls, the pricing structure is totally different, people need to understand that. thats why they are not included in the inflation number
  7. On this point, I think our entire economy is on an "oil standard" much the same as it used to be on the "gold standard". This is why "gold bug"-type arguments never really appealed to me. Sure, oil isn't as convenient to carry around as gold, but the main point is that oil's limited availability does the same job as gold's limited availability used to do, anyway, so trying to monetize beyond what the oil-based economy can bear is a fool's errand and, while central banks might (nay, will) try to skirt right up to the very edge of tipping over from monetization to runaway oil price inflation, they can't go beyond that point, just like governments have always tried to debase gold coins when times got tough, but could only debase so much before the monetary system collapsed.

    The saying "he who has the gold makes the rules" should be changed to "he who has the oil makes the rules".
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    i was always wondering about this hype about 40mpg..guys..i use to drive small 95 nissan sentra. 40mpg is no problem whatsoever for this car.. and that was back in's 4 door small car with ac and all that for like 13K. smart car is a JOKE compared to sentra. so..where are those mighty 1.4L engines? they grow up into goes the price..surprised? i'm not..f** them...i'm riding on 600cc..70+ per gallon,200 mph max speed..plenty for one,without any passenger
  9. Completely agree.
  10. You'd have to be an idiot to pay list for most grocery items but some have no time or choice in the matter. I've noticed obscene price inflation on many food items in the last 2 years. A ripoff at 1/2 the price. Mostly the LARGE players like General Mills pulling that crap.

    I walk the walk. Rarely pay more than $2 for 24 ounce Quality bread, and mostly bake my own at a cost of less than 50 cents a loaf.
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