This is why I love recessions

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    I love this post from the yahoo message board.

    Recessions only come around once every so often, but each time they arrive comes these great opportunities.

    I really hope a recession comes. I hope its deep and painful where the stocks get pounded down into the pennies. I hope I can pick up McDonalds again for 12 bucks or Guess for 2 bucks. Maybe I might find a nice little stock that trades for 10 cents and ride it up to 2 bucks. It will be fun.
  2. Any true investor wants to see the markets get crushed.

    Only fools want to see prices rise, making additional acquisitions less rational.

    I have said here before that one of the best times to invest, which we may not see again for several years, was just prior to the 2nd Iraq War.

    An idiot could've quadrupled their money had they went all in then, and anyone with half a brain would be up ten times.
  3. I hope you are saving your capital in euros/yuan/lbs/anything-but-dollars! :D
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    I think a recession is due once global liquidity dries up and private equity is done taking on enormous amounts of debt. Dont think rate cuts will help prevent a recession either, back in 1999-2000 when the federal reserve was cutting rates the economy still went into a recession.
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    I cant wait for the dollar coins :p :p :p

    How long will those be in circulation for??

    3-4 weeks at most.
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    Let me see if I got this right: You're saying an idiot is 2 1/2 times dumber than someone with half a brain or would the guy with half a brain make 10 times the quadruple amount the idiot made?

    Please clarify as I may have to make some changes on who I listen to for market advice from now on.
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    MCD at 12-14, I remember that, everyone thought MCD was going down the drain, now at 40+++ :eek:
  8. This time around it will be different. The reason is because no one saw it coming in 1999-2000 and there was little preparation.

    If everyone is aware that a recession might take place or that there will be a violent correction/panic/crash then what are the chances that it will actually happen?

    Now we have Greenspan making annoucements of an impending recession. You have all these gurus telling us to prepare for the big crash. Puts are flying off the shelf.

    I cant remember when the stock market or economy did something that anyone expected.

    The recession and stock market correction is too expected.

  9. 'Irrational Exuberance' gained fame as a phrase before the crash of 2000-2002, my friend, coined by none other than Alan Greenspan.

  10. the nasdaq correction was expected as well ... a year or even two years before it happened ...
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