This Is Why ET Has Become No Better . . .

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  1. than a Yahoo Finance Message Board:

    What is even worse, is that the moderators and the owner of this website don't seem to care one ounce about people that continue to "masquerade" and "fantasize" about trading, jerking everyone else around in the process. People are allowed to "play on the Internet" to the tune of 10 - 30 pages of space on ET fantasizing about being a TRADER. The threads ( like the one's above ) are perfect examples of this, and to think that such content does not take away from the value of ET would be highly absurd. - - - And yet, it is allowed to happen time and time again.

    The mods conveniently tell members of ET that they can choose to use the IGNORE button, yet that shows the membership absolutely no balls whatsoever when it comes to behaving in a certain manner and maintaining a modicum of integrity on this website.

    In fact, condoning such ridiculous behavior actually suggests that what really receives priority and value on ET are web "hits", and not genuine content. Sadly, as a result you have a website that is full of "cut and paste" posts, fictitious threads, and "kids" that are looking for a place to play on the Internet. It all becomes one great BIG joke!

    What a shame.
    ET could have really amounted to something.
    But over the years, it has done nothing but circle the proverbial toilet bowl.

    Congratulations to all that have made this possible.
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    Everbody is free to dismiss the validity of trades that have not been posted in real time. There's no need for action from the mods. The board is overly moderated as it is now, I certainly don't want to see them taking further action.
  3. So I guess you also have no problem about a thread that goes on for 30 pages started by someone who purports themselves to be Paul Tudor Jones?

  4. Landis, saturday night is approaching. Time to take the dust off of your phone and call baron again with all of your meritless concerns.

    Feedback is no place for all of your whining. Why does baron need to change anything? You have been complaining about ET for years, and yet you still are here.
  5. Interesting insight from someone that just joined ET on April 6th of this month and has only 2 posts, yet claims to know a lot more.

    Tell me, how many different screen-names have YOU had over the years? Do you have several at the same time? Do you ever wind-up talking to yourself on the same thread in an effort to make yourself look "good"? Does Baron pay you to post on the website in order to generate web "activity"?

    Congratulations . . . YOU are exactly the kind of person that has turned this website into no more than a Yahoo Message Board. If people have grown tired of your "shtick", you simply create yet another screen-name. How convenient.

    The fact of the matter is that ET could be so much better than it is, especially if it became a monthly subscription "pay-site". But Baron failed to go that route years ago . . . As a result, ET is full of "wannabees" and kids that seek a place to play and massage their insecure ego on the Internet. The only value that I see here can be found in the Hardware or Software Forums, most everything else is filled with posts that have little or no value whatsoever. Let's face it, the quality of content on ET over the years has deteriorated to a ridiculously low level.

    Baron has done absolutely NOTHING to retain seasoned traders who have a wealth of trading experience ( such as the Pabst's of the world ). As a result, ET ( in its current model ) is not able to sustain a high level of quality of content.

    Tell ya what . . .

    From now on I will post the exact same BS that gets posted in the Trading Forum day after day . . . threads started by people that use "photoshop" to post bogus trading calls . . . people that impersonate legendary commodity pool operators . . . people that have nothing better to do than to sit in front of CNBC all day long and post "cut and paste" clippings of every little "play by play" of the day's headline news . . . etc.

    My guess is that you know exactly what I am talking about.
    And leave it to you to see nothing wrong with a thread that is allowed to go on for 30 PAGES about some kid "fantasizing" that he is actually Paul Tudor Jones; someone I once worked/traded for.

    Meritless my arse.
  6. There are outrageous claims made in some of the threads.

    Does it do any good? Maybe?

    Maybe creating cynics and doubters like yourself it protects newbies.

    This business is full of shams and conmen hawking bogus ideas and software for outrageous prices.

    For a new kid who might be looking into trading all this garbage and your vigilance provides the experience you would not wish on him.

    You and your heroic actions are helping the newest generation of traders down the right path of intelligent investing.

    If we only had more dedicated citizens like yourself there would be no more misery in this world.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. You make a good point. Even though I'm new to this forum I have not yet seen many threads where newbies were able to blossom with the help of experienced traders. It does not seem the case because such traders are being denied and their posts constantly misproven by others.

    I can fully understand why you say that ET is not able to retain such people. It is sad to realize that.
  8. This is not "Elite" Trader it's "Entertaining" Trader.

    This place is a joke for almost anything but goofing off and laughing at morons.

    This is the land of Internet badasses who are not accountable for their words. This is the land of Internet Market Wizards who get to tout their own imagined accomplishments without any proof.

    This is a place where some mod starts holding grudges against you because you hurt his or his friend's feelings and so he starts deleting and editing your shit, AND ONLY YOUR SHIT. Just because his parents didn't beat his ass enough and so he thinks he is hardcore. Even when someone is shown to be a sham the mod will continue to avenge his friend by editing and deleting your posts. LOL It's a funny concept, but it's true as hell. Ghey as shit.

    We as normal and mentally sound human beings must understand that places like ET are the only thing those people have left to feel anything but submission and weakness. This is the last bastion of the paper cowboy, the poser, the Internet Market Wizard.

    ET is not for us, it is for them, the weak and pathetic...those in self-denial.

    The rest of us, we are guests here. And we may as well have a laugh or two over it all. If I want to learn, I read riskarb's journal (which coincidentally they locked down and will delete any attempt to bump the thread- go fucking figure. Sheer hilarity! Go ahead and try it if you don't believe me.) Again, "some" mod got mad at riskarb and to this day will still do anything possible to mess with his posts. LOL You can't help but laugh at something that silly.

    98% of my time here is spent having fun cracking on people. I have no illusions of ET being a trading education site.
  9. You are not looking in the right places landis. Here is a thread where the trader not only has made 8 of 10 winning trades, but seems to have Pabst's stamp of approval as well.
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    God, what friggin whiner begging for attention. What's the matter? Momma didn't breast feed you when you were a bigger baby than you are now?
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