This is why Americans are going to be blindsided by the economic collapse.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, May 31, 2009.

  1. Brings new meaning to the word "Sheeple"

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  2. Yep, gotta love cherry picking.

    But you know what, on a fruit farm with 90+% of cherry trees it's hard not to get only cherries.

    Having a day job in the public sector the video is not far off... we just hired a person that their only responsibility is to close people's mouths and clean the drool from their face... seriously now, the general public are basically incapable of original thought or exercise of ambition.... but that's common knowledge, their is no point.
  3. Lucrum


    Not hard to imagine how BO got elected after watching that.

    Now on the other hand if the interviewer had asked about American Idol I'm sure they would have passed with flying colors.
  4. Don't forget street smarts.
    R u smarter than a fifth grader.

    And, one could say that one is cherry picking, but work in the public for a while.

    If ur really a glutton, manage some employees.

    After that, u will come to the conclusion that trading is the only business that makes any sense at all.
  5. I doubt doing a similar poll in most other countries would show people are much brighter...