This Is Who We Are Supporting With Our Tax $

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trader666, Sep 5, 2011.

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  2. Lucrum


    What are the odds he's an Obama supporter?
  3. pspr


    They're both Obama supporters. The plantiff didn't pay the rent either! They are both living off our tax dollars because they can.

    Besides, get that guy a tissue! Hurry before he touches something else!
  4. Hate to break the news to you guys but Judge Judy does not understand black people......:cool:

    Both of them left the courtroom clueless to the ways of the white world.

    No justice for the black lady (she will be angry at the "system") and the guy will spend the rest of his life thinking he doesn't have to pay rent.

    No lessons were learned in this courtroom. For us, it's entertaining, shake your head in disbelief, but man it is real.
  5. pspr


    The lesson wasn't for them -- it was for us.
  6. It's Bush's fault he didn't pay the rent!
  7. pspr


    "The rent's too damn high!"
  8. Two solutions
    1) build more prisons
    2) ship the criminal scum back to Africa
  9. wolfpack


    Props to you for stating your racist views publicly. But if you were to act on them you'd be labled a terrorist. Just FYI
  10. g222


    No matter who he supported for president, this nose dripper (cheap cut) gets his hand-outs from Minnesota, a republican state. We have to understand that screwing a system, born out of good intentions, crosses all racial and economic boundaries. Our frustrations and anger should be directed at those who were elected to look out for our interests after having created such programs, - allowing for even just one loophole for leaches like these to abuse.
    #10     Sep 7, 2011