This is where they say to buy

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  1. When everybody else is selling.
  2. PATIENCE. there is no fear yet.
  3. Seriously, what makes you think "everybody" is selling? We've had what....1 down day and today seems down in the last 150?

    Cripes. Buy if you want. It's probably a good move considering history these last 6 months. Of course, if it's different this time, you're going to need a rather large wrench to pull your head from betwixt your buttocks.
  4. If its different this time you're going to need something more along the lines of what Manitowoc offers
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    "They" are on CNBC. Seriously, don't listen to "them".
  6. I actually bought today for the first time in many -- especially like Gold. The FOMC meeting shows that the Fed cannot raise rates to save all the subprime and alt loans from resetting too high for the next few years...inflationary but great to go long.

  7. the 'they' I watch is bloomberg, when I watch anything.
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    If "They" told you to jump off a bridge, would you? :p

    I only look at the charts, I don't give a rats ass what "they" say. Those clowns on financial entertainment networks are worse than worthless. They actively screw with peoples minds, stoking the fear & greed emotions.
  9. I agree with Ivanovich. Watch what the brokerage firms and investment banks are saying to buy (or sell). What is their motivation? Are they trying to run up the price so they can dump their shares? Beware of advice.
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    psst, remember Jim Cramer and Bear sterns folks!
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