This is what you get for molesting your 3 yr old sister

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  1. Daddy saved him from a life of crime.
    Father executes his teenage son for 'sexually abusing three-year-old half-sister'

    An enraged father shot dead his son after the teenager allegedly confessed he had sexually abused his three-year-old half-sister.

    Jamar Pinkney reportedly ordered Jamar Jnr, 15, to strip at gunpoint, marched him to wasteland and killed him, despite pleas from the boy and his mother.

    The teenager spent the last few moments of his life on his knees pleading, 'No, Daddy! No!'

    But his father, 37, ignored him and raised the gun to shoot him in the head.

    Jamar's mother Lazette Cherry, of Michigan, USA, described how her son had made the appalling confession, prompting her to phone her former partner.

    'I called and told his father this isn't something you sweep under the rug,' Mrs Cherry told the Detroit Free Press.

    She described how he arrived at her house and began pistol whipping his son in the front room.

    He then marched Jamar to parking lot where he shot him once in the head.

    'He got on his knees and begged "No, Daddy, no", and he pulled the trigger,' Mrs Cherry said.

    Pinkney, a post man, yesterday pleaded not guilty to murder.

    His lawyers argue the balance of his mind was affected when he heard about the alleged sex abuse.

    'If something were to happen that would cause a reasonable person to lose control of himself, that is something the prosecution would have to take into account,' his lawyer Corbett O'Meara said.

    He described the death of Jamar as a' devastating tragedy.'

    Pinkney is charged with first degree murder as well as three counts of felonious assault and one count of felony firearm.

    He was remanded in custody and is due to appear in court on December 1.

    Friends of Jamar described the boy as a 'teddy bear' who was 'always smiling'.

    He attended Martin Luther King Jr High School where headteacher Deborah Jenkins said pupils were 'shaken badly' by his death.

    'He was articulate. He passed his courses with A's, B's and C's. Everyone knew him to be a nice, quiet boy,' she added.
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    I'm quite pleased by the instant justice of it, but must stoically accept the inevitable and necessary prosecution to follow.
  3. Fast forward a few years when the half sister commits suicide,
    She will feel responsible for the abuse, blame her brothers death on herself and her father being sent to prison.
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    Probably true, sadly. Pray she remembers nothing and is told about it in the right way someday.

    Is this kind of thing on the increase, or has it always been with us? I wonder if we are not socialising our children as well as we used to, or if it's just the rotten side of humanity.
  5. Is this kind of thing on the increase, or has it always been with us?


    Imo, it has always been with us, some say abuse was hidden and now we are seeing an increae because of better reporting, services, etc.

    Regardless, my thoughts are abuse is increasing for the simple fact that people spend less time trying to survive (in the basic needs sense).

    Historically people had to spend more time at work, making a living, keeping busy with mundane tasks of life.

    Too much free time, access to increasing sexualized content (internet) and exposure earlier in life. It is a more sexually charged atmosphere.

    This 15 year old boy did not wake up one day and decide to molest his sister, adults along the way missed the signals, didn't care, or left this girl in a bad situation.