This is what you call easy money

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Roman Candle, May 7, 2009.

  1. Here let me show you, you can buy any were and it keeps going up. That is easy money.

    Buying NQ @1431.00
  2. Sell order @ 1436.00
  3. Pretty much.
    Check out the ES journal and you'll see me doing just that, lol.
    There's not a bear in sight. Big money is moving this market up and it aint stopping :D
  5. I'll see ya their.....Lets make some easy $$$$$$
  6. Go long anywere and make $$$$$$$
  7. There are no sellers, it's a one way trip, hop on board.
  8. Roman Candle is stock_trd3r.

    We have our contrarian back.

    Whew. I was getting worried.
  9. Same thing over and over. Futures zoom higher overnight, cash markets gap open. Then we drift all day until the last 5 minutes and we zoom higher into the close.

    This has occured all week, and I just love it. I really is easy money.....for now at least.
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  10. I think he used free charts right?
    #10     May 7, 2009